Amusement Media, Inc. has a nearly 20 year history with reaching the family audience during their recreational time. We specialize in out-of-home, on-site media campaigns, brand activation programs, innovative on-site merchandising, product demonstrations & trials, retail tie-ins, traveling tours, branded entertainment offerings and more. 


We offer brands proprietary access to networks of major Amusement Parks, Minor League Baseball, and Minor Pro Hockey Teams nationwide.  All of these networks feature environments that key in on the American Family together, within highly captive and targeted recreational settings.


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Amusement Media has been providing park maps to park facilities of all sizes and types. Our design, mapping and graphic service skills have made significant contributions to the art of facility mapping. Our maps - along with innovative on-site facility map displays - have helped patrons to easily navigate the colorfully illustrated grounds of some 200 Amusement Parks, Zoos, Waterparks and related family attractions across this country.


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